Full Runner MX6

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Huge line capacity, free spool and still extremely compact Thanks to a new Mitchell designed compact free spool system, the new Full Runner offers carp anglers the most compact free spool reel with the largest line capacity Mitchell has made. The reel allows you to fish with a free spool function at long distance, while keeping the overall reel size very close to a standard front drag long cast reel. With a such a short, compact body, combined with a large line capacity, the Mitchell Full Runner reel is designed to give the angler the ability to fish with a free spool system, while having enough line on the reel to get to those hard to reach fish. The ease of a compact size free spool reel, while offering huge line capacity for long distance carp fishing using the Mitchell Full Runner MX

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  • 4 + 1 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings - Corrosion resistant
  • New compact free spool system - Resulting in a short, compact body
  • Slow Oscillation for excellent linemanagement
  • Aluminium Bail -Thick aluminium bail wire design, rigid to preventmisshaping
  • Custom designed one-touch folding handle with rosewood knob
  • Strong polymeric body
  • Super smooth micro-adjustable free spool function
  • Braid ReadySpool - Allows braid to be tied directly tospool
  • Black, carpy design with very subtle branding
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